The Center welcomes Assistant Professor BA Harrington and the 2012/2013 Windgate Resident Artist/Educator Ted Lott. Within expansive and exceptionally well-equipped studios, they are cultivating contemporary sensibilities of craft through artistic design and fine craftsmanship. The students become familiar with traditional woodworking and furniture design/building processes, as well as, contemporary technologies and their capabilities. There is a palpable excitement in the shops as students explore wood as a primary means of personal expression. The facilities boast a Graduate bench room that adjoins the larger power tool shop, a dedicated woodturning/lathe studio, a large and sunny undergraduate bench room with its own power shop, an explosion-proof finish room, a technology room with a laser engraver, a CNC router, and a CNC lathe, and as well as, the Center's own wood drying building and portable band sawmill.

CenterWorks extends the Advanced Woodworking students' experiences beyond the classroom/studio by allowing commissions to be accepted and run as formal entrepreneurial experiences, as the development of community initiatives, and as the pursuit of marketing projects. Several significant commissions have been completed using materials almost entirely reclaimed from the campus.

The operation of the Wood-Mizer sawmill is becoming part of the expected skill set of the Advanced Wood students. The IUP Allegheny Arboretum works with the Center's Harvest-to-Use initiative to identify selected trees that will be removed from campus. As sections of these trees are made into boards and timbers there is a personal investment of putting aside the fresh wood for future use. Current Center projects are, in turn, reaping the benefits of drawing upon seasoned timbers put aside by previous students. The Center will also soon begin exploring the application of the mill in the creation of large-scale sculpture made from entire trunks and limbs.

The Center is within the Department of Art and the College of Fine Arts at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. The BA, BFA, MA and MFA degrees are available in Studio Art.

The Center is dedicated to specific curricular goals:
• Synthesis of Traditional and Contemporary Technologies
• Resident Artist/Educators and Visiting Artists
• Research and Development
• Interdisciplinary Projects
• Community Outreach
• Exhibitions

The Center for Turning and Furniture Design grew out of a 2003 grant that assisted with the expansion of the existing Woodworking and Furniture Design program. In 2005, Steve Loar joined the Center as Director, with instruction beginning in the newly renovated facilities in January 2006.


The Center for Turning and Furniture Design
Department of Art/College of Fine Arts
Indiana University of Pennsylvania
470 South 11th Street, Indiana, PA 15705 USA
Steve Loar, Director
Email: slowtech@iup.edu
Phone: 724.465.0758