Past Visiting Artists & Residencies

Linda VanGehuchten taught the Introductory Wood sections while investigating some intriguing new directions for her own work. The beginners were on the lathes the first day, making eggs on Day 2, and were in the midst of a three-legged stool when David Ellsworth's visit sparked an interest in bowls. They then learned power machinery operation while finishing up their stools. As a result of this work, 6 of Linda's students had work accepted into Turning to the Future, an exhibit of works by turners age 22 and younger from the US, Canada, and Australia, shown in the Gallery of the American Association of Woodturners, St. Paul, MN, May 4 – August 3, 2007. One of the stools, by Stephen Nackreiner, was subsequently featured in the AAW JOURNAL in September 2007. Linda's own work investigated split/recombined turnings on a grand scale, and then applying those parts to sculpture and furniture.

Stephan Goetschius was our 3rd Artist-in-Residence for Fall 2007. He taught a Special Topics course, Sculpture and Furniture Off-the-Lathe, while creating a range of interesting work of his own. Stephan will be part of the prestigious 2008 International Turning Exchange sponsored by the Wood Turning Center (June – August 2008).

Both Linda and Stephan presented several Outreach activities that involved class students, students from the Kiski School (a local residential boys academy), the IUP student chapter of the National Art Education Association, and the local chapter of the American Association of Woodturners. ArtsPath, a component of the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, awarded the Center a grant to help support Linda's Outreach efforts.

Doug Finkel and Louise Hibbert were Visiting Artists in November 2006, presenting examples of their work, slides, and a discussion with the Advanced Woodworking students, followed by a public slide show. Doug was a faculty member at Virginia Commonwealth University, and Louise is a practicing artist.

David Ellsworth and his wife Wendy were Visiting Artists in March 2007, with David conducting a hands-on workshop, followed by an evening slide show that high lighted their careers. The workshop was a collaboration between the Center and the Indiana County Chapter of the American Association of Woodturners. Several students of the Center took part, along with chapter members, and faculty and students from Edinboro University. Learn more about the Ellsworths by visiting their website.

Fatie Atkinson of Clyde, NC was a Visiting Artist in October 2007. Fatie was the maker of one of the favorite chairs of the Center's Adirondack II show. His workshop focused on steam bending wood. The resulting "Addie" chair was a special feature of the Adirondack III exhibition. The workshop was made possible by gifts from a private donor and the IUP/USRC Small Grants Program.




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