Equipment & Studio

The Center provides students with the opportunity to develop their interests and skills in woodworking and furniture making in a safe and stimulating environment. Students have access to a well-equipped 7,000 sq ft studio that was significantly expanded and renovated in 2005. The studio includes two bench rooms, two machine rooms, a sanding room, a fully ventilated finishing room, a technology area that features computer controlled equipment, a dedicated library and resource area, and an entire studio available for turning. The facility also includes dedicated bench spaces for the faculty and the Resident Artist/Educator. The studios provide ample room and bench space for each student, along with personal storage for work-in-progress. The studio is well ventilated with its own dust collection and filtering systems.

The Center facilities include:

    Primary Power Machine Shop  All machines are commercial grade
  • New Additions: Felder slot mortiser with square chisel attachment; General International 1/4" to 4" dia. spindle sander
  • The shop is fully exhausted, vented, and air conditioned
  • SawStop 10" blade/8hp table saw, with extended beds
  • 10" blade/5 hp Powermatic table saw, with extended beds
  • 22" planer, with helix head
  • 12" jointer
  • 10" miter saw
  • end-tenoner
  • 3 drill presses and full compliment of bits
  • 4 bandsaws, ranging from 12" to 30"
  • router table
  • Festool Domino joining system
  • tilting plywood/sheet goods cart with hydraulic lift to counter/table saw height
  • compressed air
  • sink

    Undergraduate Bench Room and Power Tool Shop
  • bench and table work areas, each with a vise, for 13 students
  • fully exhausted, vented, and air conditioned
  • significant storage, for shop and individual students
  • self–sufficient power machine shop area
  • 10" blade mid-size/contractor's SawStop table saw
  • 12" planer
  • 8" jointer
  • 3 band saws
  • 2 drill presses
  • 2 disc & belt sanders
  • clamp/glue-up area
  • 10" miter/chop saw
  • full compliment of hand tools for a class of 12
  • glue-up table
  • sink
  • and SUN!

    Graduate Bench Room
  • 10' x 12' work areas and European style benches for each of 7 students and Resident Artist/Educator
  • cabinet tool storage for each of 7 students
  • pull down projection screen
  • woodworking clamps
  • glue-up/joinery table
  • hand and power tools for joining, shaping, and finishing

    Extended Graduate Area  The "Gray Space"
  • critique area
  • furniture photography area, with pull down back drops
  • photography light/boom with lightbox head
  • upholstery area with sewing machine

    Lathe/Turning Studio
  • 13 wood/turning lathes, high capacity, state-of-the-art
  • fully exhausted and air conditioned
  • dual head electric water stone and buffer/honing sharpening system
  • 3 dual head grinders/sharpeners
  • full compliment of turning tools for a class of 13
  • 4-jaw chucks, full compliment for 10 lathes
  • 10" blade, sliding bed table saw and dedicated exhaust venting

    Sanding Room
  • fully exhausted, vented, and air conditioned
  • down-draft hand-sanding vacuum table, independent/free-standing
  • 2 Festool portable sanding stations
  • 6" x 30" horizontal belt sander
  • 2 spindle sanders
  • 24" horizontal surface sander
  • 2 combination disc and belt sanders
  • disc sander

    Tech Bay
  • fully exhausted, vented, and air conditioned, with additional direct exhaust
  • Epilog "Helix" 40-watt laser cutter/engraver with dedicated laptop and software
  • 48" x 48" CNC router and dedicated software
  • 16" dia. x 36" CNC lathe steam chamber with direct steam line, 10" dia x 8' long
  • compressed air
  • vacuum bag-type press, 48" x 48"
  • overhead garage door to loading dock, as well as separate/direct access into 3-D Design and the building elevator Finish Room (12' x 18')
  • explosion proof
  • dedicated make-up air
  • end-wall filtered exhaust
  • storage cabinets
  • 2 spray guns
  • compressed air
  • direct double-wide doors allow access to/through to shop and to hallway/exit

    Dedicated Resource Center
  • Over 250 volume library, including lifetime collections of Fine Woodworking, American Woodworker and American Craft, with texts on design, history, construction, finishing, woodturning, architecture, creativity and marketing; CD/DVD collection of contemporary woodturners & methods, and the digital archive of Fine Woodworking
  • 2 powerful PCs, with 24" flat screen displays
  • modeling/cutting software
  • 11" x 17" format scanner
  • color and B&W printers
  • digital projector
  • digital camera
  • display case with furniture capacity, LED spot lights and electrical outlets

    Wood Storage Room
  • wood for students, both commercially prepared and for sale, as well as, Center-cut wood
  • radial arm saw, with dedicated exhaust

    Metal Working Studio (in-progress)
  • sheet metal bender
  • pipe/tube bender
  • bandsaw
  • drill press
  • overhead door giving direct access to Sprowls Hall loading dock



The Center for Turning and Furniture Design
Department of Art/College of Fine Arts
Indiana University of Pennsylvania
470 South 11th Street, Indiana, PA 15705 USA
Steve Loar, Director
Phone: 724.465.0758